Irina Art Studio


Art is a carnival, carnival where our feelings and thoughts take shape.



We fit into situations, feelings and poses through the language of art. It is a person that puts on a costume and mask, without a person the mask's orbits are empty and costumes are nothing but rags and props.  Nothing has feelings, the art has no soul without inspiration by its creator, person, artist. Now I am discovering clay, I begin a conversation and build my relationship with it, learn speak its' language. I learn flexibility, plasticity and the limits of its fragility, I learn its ways of expression in space. For each of my sculptures or a group of sculptures there is always a story-parable, or a surprise of transformation.


I love creating, any kind of creation. I've always lived it and always been in it. All our life is about creation whenever we are not lazy. Creation is my air and my habitat, every day of my life is filled with it.   The joy of exploring the world and an inner self through art is endless since the ways in which the beauty is revealed to us are inexhaustible. This is the largest kaleidoscope where every moment is unique. And although structure, beauty and harmony are governed by certain laws, these are very different from the laws of exact because the ways of artistic transformation are unpredictable and innumerable.